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AKA Talent Agency (AFTRA - ATA)

6310 San Vicente Blvd., Suite 200 Los Angeles, CA 90048 (323) 965-5600

A commercial and theatrical agency in Los Angeles.


Since 1999, AKA Talent Agency has been representing talented individuals of every type. Our relationships with the talent we represent are based on trust, honesty, and integrity, approaching each client's specific needs and goals in a way that emphasizes the "big picture" of their respective careers. Similarly, we strive to offer casting directors, producers, production companies, advertising agencies, and everyone else seeking to hire talent in Los Angeles with a wide variety of talent from instantly recognizable celebrities to up-and-coming stars to tomorrow and beyond. With the broad range of talent we represent, we are certain to have someone perfect for nearly every type of project.1

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Doug Ely, Pamela Porter, Mike Abrams

The On-Camera Commercial Division ranks among the best in the industry. Commercial Agents and Owners Dough Ely, Pamela Porter, and Mike Abrams together offer nearly 60 years of experience representing talent for commercials in Los Angeles.2

Julie Fulop

The Youth Division covers film, television, commercial and voice over for young actors from the age of 4 through 25. The Youth Division works closely with our Adult Divisions allowing our youth clients to remain within the same company as they and their careers grow.3

Kerri Boyd

These agents focus on emerging trends and the development of new relationships for Non-fiction Programming, Live Events, Trade Shows, and Corporate appearances.4


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